/ Project examples /

No rules can be deduced from the projects briefly presented.
We have therefore compiled a (not final) selection of possible project ideas for you.

/ Interconnected production /

Mehrere Personen arbeiten in einer Fabrik

An entrepreneur has developed an algorithm to determine improved processing parameters. For this purpose, processing parameters are calculated on the basis of past orders with the aid of machine learning methods. These parameters will increase the quality of future orders.

The developed algorithm is supposed to be further developed in a cloud-enabled calculation service, which can read required information directly from the machines or quality measurement systems.

For testing the service as well as for connecting various machines or measuring systems, the entrepreneur works together with an I 4.0 test environment, which can provide the required machines and measuring systems.

/ IT data security /

Because of progressing networking, protection against manipulation of process parameters in machine controls is becoming even greater important.

A company has developed a method for detecting attacks on a production network by analyzing the data traffic in this network.

In the I 4.0 test environment the software can be installed and tested in for example an assembly system..

/ Intelligent logistics /

Roboterarm mit Spezialaufsatz für die Verarbeitung von Kohlenstofffasern

Wireless transmission methods must be provided to exchange information between transport systems and production facilities as part of self-controlled processes.

A medium-sized company has developed a system which can be connected to an existing automated guided vehicle system (AGVS) and enables orientation without the need for any other markings.

As the SME has neither an AGVS nor a manufacturing facility, the developed system is tested in the I 4.0 test environment.

/ Predictive maintenance /

Techniker mit Headset in einer modernen Fabrik

Unplanned machine and plant downtimes can quickly result in high consequential costs for the entire value chain.

A manufacturer of spindles equips its products with sensors, evaluation electronics and service life models so that they can communicate their remaining service life to other IT systems.

The manufacturer wants to test the interaction of its components with other components of a machining center and higher-level IT systems in an I 4.0 test environment.

/ Business models /


Customers demand greater individualization of products at constant costs.

A manufacturer of packaging no longer offers a fixed product, but his available production infrastructure. A software platform enables customers to individually design their own products and have them manufactured automatically afterwards.

The manufacturer wants to test the interaction of his software platform with machines in an I 4.0 test environment in order to not interrupt his ongoing business.

/ 3D-print /

Mitarbeiter greift Werkstück aus einem mit einem Beamer markiertem Behälter

Components that are machined in their basic form and individualized using 3D printing processes enable customer-specific solutions at moderate costs. The derivation of components from design data still requires the use of several different software systems.

An SME has developed a process to derive those production steps from the design data, which are -in addition to classical machining processes- suitable for production with 3D printing processes.

As the SME doesn’t have appropriate production facilities, it cooperates with a research facility where the workpieces can be produced using a combination process.

/ I4KMU-project examples /

Within the frame of our accompanying research, we are currently supporting 20 industry 4.0 projects throughout Germany, which are successfully funded by the BMBF. We would like to give you an insight here.

P01 / ACTOS / 

/ Intuitive operation of assistance systems and automated evaluation of work steps through the use of depth sensors /

Armbruster Engineering GmbH & Co. KG
Neidenburger Straße 28
28207 Bremen

P02 / FAST 4.0 /

/ Factory analysis and control 4.0 /

GTT Gesellschaft für Technologie Transfer mbH
Hollerithallee 7
30419 Hannover

P03 / MAUS /

/ Novel measuring and evaluation system for process accompanying quality assurance in the extrusion plant /

Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25
13355 Berlin

P04 / VISULOK / 

/ Visual ad-hoc localization module for heterogeneous logistics systems /

Evocortex GmbH
Emilienstraße 1
90489 Nürnberg

P05 / TP1CLICK / 

/ Turned parts in batch size 1 with one click /

Rapidfacture GmbH
Lerchenhöhe 22
85276 Pfaffenhofen


/ Digital tool clone for holistic networking of the tool life cycle of sawing applications /

KOHNLE GmbH Hartmetall Werkzeug-Fabrik
Aiblinger Straße 36
83059 Kolbermoor
www.kohnle.net & www.iblade.eu

P07 / IMMER-DA³ / 

/ Intelligent material supply with ergonomic boundary conditions - direct enrichment at the workstation /

robodev GmbH
Steinhäuserstraße 5
76135 Karlsruhe

P08 / SMARTTOOL++ / 

/ Test and extensions of an intelligent tool /

Unterweingartenfeld 6
76135 Karlsruhe

P09 / VRCOBOT / 

/ Resource planning of the human-robot collaboration using virtual reality /

ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH
Albert-Nestler-Straße 11
76131 Karlsruhe

P10 / APPLI-KOM / 

/ Implementation of a digital pre- and after-sales application service via the cloud "Virtual Fort Knox" /

Dispendix GmbH
Meitnerstraße 9
70563 Stuttgart

P11 / ASSIST 4.0 / 

/ Ultrasonic detection and location-based services in the production environment /

Telocate GmbH
Georges-Köhler Allee 71
79110 Freiburg


/ Fusion of gesture and speech recognition for intuitive human-machine communication in production /

Sikom Software GmbH
Bergstraße 96
69121 Heidelberg

P13 / ICLOUD / 

/ Testing of cloud solutions for usage in industrial 4.0 environments /

teuto.net Netzdienste GmbH
Niedernstraße 26
33602 Bielefeld


/ Collaborative augmented reality solution for live expert service in toolmaking /

oculavis GmbH
Steinbachstraße 17
52074 Aachen

P15 / ANOKO /

/ Anomaly detection in the communication of industrial plants 4.0 for the defense against cyber attacks /

Europaallee 5
66113 Saarbrücken

P16 / I4MS /

/ I 4.0 solution for a smart meter system using fog computing for efficient maintenance, energy and drinking water distribution /

iSAtech water GmbH
Alt-Moabit 59–61
10555 Berlin