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I4KMU is the competent contact for SMEs for the funding measure “Industrie 4.0-Testumgebungen – Mobilisierung von KMU für Industrie 4.0” (Industry 4.0 Test Environments – Mobilising SMEs for Industry 4.0) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). In order to avoid possible barriers to innovation and to address SMEs in particular who do not yet have any experience with public funding opportunities, the entire funding measure is accompanied by the National Contact and Coordination Office “Nationale Kontakt- und Koordinierungsstelle
I 4.0-Testumgebungen für KMU – I4KMU” (
National Contact and Coordination Office I 4.0 Test Environments for SMEs – I4KMU).

I4KMU supports prospective funding recipients without obligation through all phases of the BMBF funding measure: from the classification of an I 4.0 project idea about the nationwide neutral mediation to suitable I 4.0 test environments and the design of the application up to the implementation of the project

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With the funding measure “Industry 4.0 Test Environments – Mobilisation of SMEs for Industry 4.0”, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) enables SMEs to position themselves as innovation and technology drivers in the digital transformation in global competition. Within the framework of this funding measure, short-term and targeted cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and industry 4.0 test environments will be promoted in the field of Industry 4.0.

On the one hand, the funding is to cover part of the costs incurred by the SME to achieve the project objectives, on the other hand, the contract for an I 4.0 test environment is to be financed from this. For this cooperation, a nationwide network of I 4.0 test environments will be made available to SMEs in order to test newly developed digitised processes and products, innovative system approaches and related networked business models under realistic conditions.

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Process & accompanying process from the idea to the implementation of your research project

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/ Project Preparation & Application /

We are the central contact for all questions concerning the funding measure “Industry 4.0 Test Environments – Mobilisation of SMEs for Industry 4.0”. You can contact us without obligation to clarify whether your I 4.0 project idea is viable and what funding options are available in this explicit measure. Application examples show what a possible project idea can look like. Contact us and clarify whether your I 4.0 project idea is eligible for funding. 


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/ Selection & mediation of an I 4.0 test environment /

In order to develope your I 4.0 project ideas, we can let you attend suitable demonstration factories, which called I 4.0 test environments, where you can test or develop new digital products and processes. In addition, you can develop your business models under realistic conditions.

Based on the criteria of competencies, infrastructure and capacities, the I 4.0 test environments have already been classified and a profile created. For a suitable combination of SME and I 4.0 test environment, your project requirements are compared with the profiles of the test environments. You make the final selection of the I 4.0 test environment.

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/ Project Preparation & Application /

In order to assess your project, the DLR project management organisation needs a meaningful project outline. We support you here with pre-structured templates and formal checks in order to take into account all the points relevant for the assessment and not to exceed the intended scope of ten pages.

The evaluation deadlines apply to the submission of the project outlines. If your outline is evaluated positively, you will be invited to submit an application for funding. In order to simplify the application process, the submitted project outline will suffice as a description of the project with regard to its content.

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/ Approval & monitoring of the project /

If your application is complete and meets all formal criteria, you will receive a notification of approval and can start implementing your project.

During the course of the project, we support you, for example, with implementation planning, the design of the project conclusion or the dissemination of the results. Once you have completed the project, you will prepare a final report.

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I4KMU regularly organizes and visits events to promote exchange between economy and research.

Next deadline on 15/03/19

KMU are able to apply for our subsidy program until 15. March. The first step is the submission of a project sketch.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.